Vodafone Egypt Foundation

Balanced Education Company along with Vodafone Egypt Foundation have successfully collaborated to provide its valuable professional development material on a new digital platform.
This platform aims to bridge the gap between teachers all across Egypt’s 27 governorates and the content they need to improve and develop.


BalancED’s upcoming Asten College chain of international schools has been selected by Microsoft as the first flagship school in the Middle East amongst seventeen schools worldwide. The program aims to design, develop, and deliver state of the art learning spaces. It also aims to bring leadership, learning, technology, and infrastructure together; building safe, secure, optimized, and efficient schools. It provides personal, predictive learning that inspires and empowers students.

Our exclusive partnership with Microsoft provides Balanced Education Company with digital solutions for schools learning systems.

Taj City

MNHD, one of the biggest leading real estate developers in the Middle East has chosen BalancED as its partner in establishing and managing a chain of international schools (Asten College) in its integrated residential project Taj City. Asten College will not only serve as a leading educational institution, but also as a community hub that encourages innovation, creativity, and learning

Florida Atlantic University – FAU

BalancED’s partnership with FAU facilitated the establishment of a Teacher Training Professional Development Center to offer a joint certificate to school educators that complete the program from around the Middle East.

Florida Atlantic University (FAU), regarded among the most diverse universities in the United States of America, offers more than 180 degree programs in some of the most innovative fields. FAU’s Educational Leadership programs have been ranked 20th in the United States out of 563 eligible colleges and universities.


BalancED, in cooperation with The International Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC), provides English Proficiency Courses certified by Indiana University, USA. The Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication (ICIC) was established by the IU Board of Trustees in 1998 as a research and service unit housed in the Department of English in the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.

For more than 20 years, ICIC staff and resident scholars have produced cutting-edge empirical research in applied linguistics at the practical intersection of intercultural communication. This research has led to collaborative efforts with a diverse group of international scholars, teachers, clinicians, local community partners, and other institutions dedicated to improving written and oral communication between people of different cultural backgrounds and societies.

Ball State University – BSU

As part of its international outreach, BalancED has a running exchange program for sourcing and hiring international teachers with one of the leading COEs (College of Education) worldwide. This provides Egypt’s market with a highly qualified and diverse faculty body, as well as providing the teachers with exposure to such a rich culture.

Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey CO. provides BalancED with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Educators training material, to empower teachers’ and principals’ soft skills and character development inside and outside the classroom.

Education First

Balanced Education Company has also collaborated with Education First Foundation. The significant role BalancED plays in the Education First initiative is, by no doubt, a factor for its success. BalancED is EF’s main provider for workshop facilitators and content. Together with EF, we have trained over 15,000 teachers in the three core subjects (English, Mathematics, and Science) as well as KG teachers and 2,000 educational leaders across Egypt’s 924 Official Language Schools (previously known as Experimental Schools)

Credit Agricole Foundation

In collaboration with Credit Agricole Foundation, Balanced has launched and implemented the first digital platform that helps discover talented and gifted students all over Egypt, EbharMisr.

Sweedy Foundation

BalancED has been assigned by The Ministry of Education as an official consultant, to operate and administer EL Sewedy Applied Technology Schools in preparation for The German Arab Chamber Accreditation.