Managing & Operating Educational Institutions

Managing & Operating Educational Institutions:

Conducting feasibility studies and determining the appropriate field of education in relation to the school curriculum.

Proposing financial budgets, forecasts and business plans.

Determining the suitable construction engineering that matches the educational activity in accordance with both the General Authority for Educational Buildings (Egypt) (هيئة الأبنية التعليمية) and the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Finalizing and Approving the Ministry of Education operation license.

Supervising the criteria of recruitment in the HR process in both Academic and Administrative fields within educational institutions.

Planning the latest furniture selection, design and equipment fixtures for the educational process e.g. labs, smart boards and libraries.

Recommending the curriculum design, extra-curricular activities programs and hands-on resources.

Providing the school with proper curriculum benchmarks and standards in accordance with international accreditation organizations, and ensuring the sustainability of reaccreditation criteria and standards which is renewed according to the international assessment rubricates.

Administering International Exams that equip students with the skills required to join reputable international universities.

Preparing academic transcripts and administrative reports such as finalizing documents with the Ministry and licenses for educational institutions.

Providing and implementing emergency and crises management plans.

Supervising various supporting services such as buses, students’ uniforms, cafeterias, etc. according to the international safety standards.


New Generation International Schools is an international bilingual American school of 16 years, accredited by a number of national and international institutes, such as:

The Ministry of Education

Cognia (AdvancED)


Certified testing center for:

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

ACT (American College Test)

AP (Advanced Placement)

Located on Cairo-Ismailia Road (East Cairo)

Area: 33,214 m2

Years of Operation:

16 years (2005-Present)

Enrolment: 2020-2021 Academic Year:

1,500 Students from Preschool to Grade 12

Faculty Members

143 Teachers/Co-teachers

53 Admin Member

134 Support Staff

Bus Fleet: 37 Buses

ASTEN College

Joint venture between BalancED and Palm Hills Developments.

Multiple campus.

Strategically located on a 60,000 m2 plot of land within The Crown, one of the most prestigious communities in Egypt.

Provides students and the surrounding community with top notch facilities and extra-curricular programs.

School Capacity:

2,800 students for first campus

Accreditation Candidacy:

Cognia (AdvancED)

Middle States Association (MSA)